Based on experience we only recommend LED-backlit monitors since they are not affected by screen burn, have less screen glare better contrast and a longer life expectancy in the field. Led-backlit monitors are also physically lighter, which means lower cost mounting brackets and increased mounting options.

We frequently refer to screens or monitors but Legato inSight can be used with any display device that is equipped with a standard HDMI, DVI or PC VGA interface. That includes both projectors and video walls.

To simplify cabling our suggest using the PC VGA connection since it ensures our system can control the power state of the connected device. This should also be possible with HDMI but not all equipment manufactures implement the standards correctly. If tyou encounter this problem it may be possible to use the optional RS232 or built-in PJLINK interface to control the screen.

We also support the highly specialised LVDS interface for custom projects.